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You can find some of Engstrom's shorter work in:

The Sock Report ("Suki's Garden," a short story)

Apex Magazine ("Gemphalon," a short story)

Apexology: Science Fiction and Fantasy (“Gemphalon,” one of Liz’s favorite science fiction stories)

“Music Ascending," a short story, is available as a single at

Podcastle (“Honing Sebastian”, a short story)

Practice Aloha: Secrets to Living Life Hawaiian Style (“A Celebration—And a Lesson on Living”, an essay) edited by Mark Ellman and Barbara Santos, Mutual Publishing 2010

Apexology: Horror (“Hands of Heritage” — a short story) edited by Jason Sizemore, Apex Books

Two of the Deadliest (“Playing Powerball,” a short story) edited by Elizabeth George, HarperCollins, 2008

Unity Magazine (“Dancing at Midnight,” an essay) October, 2007

Dark Discoveries (“Anything” a short story), March, 2007

Northwest Horrors (“Unrequited Loss” a short story) edited by James Beach and Jonathan Reitlan

Lies and Limericks (Introduction) edited by John Tullius, October, 2006

Investigating CSI (“The Majesty of Maggots,” an essay), edited by Leah Wilson SmartPop Books, 2006

Court TV - (“Robert Spangler: One Dead Wife Too Many,” an article) May, 2006

Court TV - (“Jeremy Bryan Jones: Meth Monster,” an article) March, 2006

STRONG CURRENTS II (“In a Darkened Compartment” an erotic short story), 2006

Court TV - (“Patrick W. Kearney and David Douglas Hill: The Trash Bag Murderers,” an article) February, 2006

Court TV - (“Joel Patrick Courtney: A Horrifying Progression of Sex Offenses,” an article) January, 2006

CHRYSALIS (“Dancing at Midnight,” an essay) - Winter, 2006

POE'S LIGHTHOUSE (“Deep Into the Darkness Peering,” a short story) edited by Chris Conlon, CD Publications, 2006

GHOSTS AT THE COAST (“Reclining Years,” a short story) edited by Dianna Rodgers, TripleTree Publishing, 2005

Court TV - (“Russell Obremski: A Killer's Luck,” an article) September, 2005

Court TV - (“The Trials of Christian Longo,” an article) - August, 2005

OUTSIDERS (“Honing Sebastian,” a short story) edited by Nancy Kilpatrick and Nancy Holder, ROC, 2005

CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE FRIEND'S SOUL (“It's Never Too Late to Say Hello,” an essay) edited by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Stefanie Adrian, Mark & Chrissy Donnelly - October, 2004

SHIP'S LOG: Writings at Sea (Introduction), edited by John Tullius, September, 2004

WRITERS NW (“One Legendary Evening,” an essay) Spring, 2004

DARK DISCOVERIES (“One Quiet Evening in the Wax Museum,” a short story, an Interview, and Bibliography) February, 2004

CEMETERY DANCE (“First Date,” a short story) August, 2003

STRONG CURRENTS (“Cold Feet, Hot Cheeks” an erotic short story) September, 2002

CEMETERY DANCE (“Genetically Predisposed,” a short story) March, 2002

THE 14th ANNUAL YEAR'S BEST FANTASY AND HORROR (“Riding the Black Horse,” a short story), edited by Ellen Datlow.

OCTOBER DREAMS (“A Moonlit Night with Rats,” an essay) October, 2000 - and again, October, 2002

CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE WRITER'S SOUL (“It Doesn't Matter What You Write,” an essay), edited by Bud Gardner, Jack Canfield, and Mark Victor Hansen

THE 13th ANNUAL YEAR'S BEST FANTASY AND HORROR (“Crosley,” a short story), edited by Ellen Datlow

IMAGINATION FULLY DILATED, VOL. II - (“Gemphalon,” a short story), IFD Publishing

100 TWISTED TALES OF TORMENT - (“The Final Tale,” a short story), edited by Robert Weinberg and Stefan Dziemianowicz, Barnes & Noble Books

100 FIENDISH LITTLE FRIGHTMARES - (“Grandma's Hobby” and “Empty Walls”, both short stories), edited by Stefan Dziemianowicz and Robert Weinberg, Barnes & Noble Books

ONCE UPON A CRIME - (“Harvest Home,” a short story), edited by Ed Gorman, Berkley Books (Hey, this story earned Liz a mention in both People Magazine and USA Today!)

LOVE IN VEIN - (“Elixir,” a short story), edited by Poppy Z. Brite, HarperCollins