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Lizzie Borden

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Must have been one hell of a pressure cooker those Bordens lived in, wouldn't you say? Uncommunicative, irritable, jealous, claustrophobic, lusty, intriguing. Something had to give, someone had to crack, something had to... spurt... on that hot August day.

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Critics have said:

"Marvelous stuff. The pressures on Lizzie were vivid and completely real. You know, I think I'd have killed him myself..."—Mercedes Lackey, author of the Heralds of Valdemar series

"Every door in the Borden house is metaphorically locked, and each room holds the terrible secrets of the occupant... Engstrom [moves] the reader inexorably toward the anticipated savage denouement."—Publishers Weekly

"Elizabeth Engstrom has woven a fascinating tale of a lonely, tormented and frustrated young woman."—Rocky Mountain News

"A real page-turner and white-knuckler. The tension mounts without letup."—Maui News

"Engstrom crafts a character with motivation, mental confusion and smoldering resentment, a woman who could stand unblinking in a shower of blood as she bludgeoned her parents to death."—Ogden Standard Examiner